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bergfex/Ski Lite
bergfex GmbH
bergfex brings the best ski resorts from the alps region to yourandroid smartphone. *** NEW: Added French ski resorts *** *** NEW:Double tap to zoom on panorama or snow forecast maps *** Up-to-dateweather and snow reports for the most ski resorts in Austria,Switzerland, Germany, North Italy, France and Slovenia. bergfexbringt die beliebtesten Skigebiete der Alpenregion auf ihr AndroidSmartphone. Aktuelle Wetter- und Schneedaten zu den meistenSkigebieten in Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland, Norditalien undSlowenien. The bergfex/Ski App has been released for the new winterseason with a brand new look and user experience with a betteroverview. All the snow and resort info for the ski resorts inAustria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Slovenia on yourfinger tip. **** ATTENTION**** This is the lite version of thepopular bergfex/Ski App - the functionality is given in a limitedextent. In the bergfex/Ski Pro version you get access to alldetailed snow forecast maps, hourly day weather, weather stations,ski videos and there is no advertising inside the app. There is nomore limitation for the amount of favourites, webcams and days ofweather forecast. If you like our bergfex/Ski Lite app, grab thepaid "bergfex/Ski Pro" version and support the development of ourmobile apps. Dies ist die kostenlose bergfex/Ski App. In derkostenpflichtigen "bergfex/Ski Pro" Version erhalten Sie erweiterteFunktionalitäten wie detailliertere Schneevorhersagekarten und einstündliches Tageswetter, Messstationen, einen Videobereich mitSkilehrfilmen - die Pro App ist auch werbefrei. Falls Ihnen diekostenfreie bergfex/Ski App gefällt, kaufen Sie bitte unsere"bergfex/Ski Pro" Version und unterstützen Sie uns bei derWeiterentwicklung. Features: - Daily up-to-date snow heights -Weather forecasts including snow forecasts - Webcams - Highresolution maps of snow resorts - Detailed information of the skiresorts - Snow forecasts for the alps region - Show ski resort onmap - Navigation to the ski resort (Google Maps navigation has tobe installed on your Smartphone) - App translated in 18 languagesYou can organize your favorite ski resorts in a nice favorite list.If any ski resort should not be available in our app or any snowreport data may be missing, please contact us directly [email protected] We are trying hard to keep the info inside ourapp as up to date as possible. We appreciate your help very much!bergfex/Ski Pro is now available for the following languages: ČeskýDeutsch Dansk English Español Suomi Français Hrvatski MagyarItaliano Nederlands Norsk Polski Româna Pусский Svenska SlovenščinaSlovensky
The Weather Channel: Local Forecast & Weather Maps
Live forecast updates are at your fingertips with The WeatherChannel. Get the local weather forecast news delivered directly toyour phone or tablet. Prepare with severe weather reports and liveradar maps. Extreme weather alerts and forecast information isavailable wherever you are! Get daily local weather news andextreme weather alerts so you can live life with confidence. TheWeather Channel provides accurate reports that help you plan up to15 days in advance. Winter means you need to stay warm but moreimportantly - safe! Live maps and forecast radar updates willprepare you for any blizzard, snow or severe storm on the horizon.Weather the storm with live updates! The Weather Channel’s top 5features: Weather your way! With your daily weather snapshot, getpersonalized weather stories and enjoy a new visual way to learnabout your daily forecast. There’s instant insights, weather graphs& more! Live alerts that you can subscribe to - Press pushnotifications and get live weather updates! Snow alerts &trending conditions - Stay alert for winter weather like a severeblizzard or heavy snow by following individual conditions andgetting live updates. Severe weather alerts from thunder to severestorms. Winter is here - ensure you stay safe no matter the extremeweather! Wind speed reports, severe storms & forecast radarupdates give you the weather information you need, wherever youare! Stay alert and plan winter outdoor activities with confidence.• Get faster access to weather updates with our new navigation bar!Or if you prefer the old navigation swipe down for more content. •Don’t get caught in the snow or a blizzard! Our severe weatheralerts will help you weather any storm. Check the daily forecastand come rain, shine or even thunder, you will be prepared forwhatever the day throws at you! • Daily temperature, wind speed andblizzard updates let you know if you need to bring a winter jacketor your umbrella! • Want to enjoy a crisp winter walk in the park?Don’t get caught in the storm with information on sunset times,cold and flu reports and the latest forecast radar updates.
 • Runsmart with Running Index! Find the best running conditions byanalyzing the temperature and examining detailed wind speed updatesto help you plan your perfect route! • Concerned about allergies?Get high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice to help you beatthem!
 Keep informed on the latest weather news. • Stay safe duringextreme weather events. From wildfires to thunder to severe storms,we’ll send you live radar alerts and expert safety advice. • Beatthe winter cold with in-depth temperature reports and snow alerts.Access all of the local weather & temperature information youneed. • Find all the weather data you care about in one place: yoursmart home screen! 
 • See the forecast and plan your day withoutthe inconvenience of ads for just $0.99. Be alert and get all ofthe forecast radar updates you need to plan. Live news about windspeed, thunder and live maps mean that you can make the most out ofyour day! Download The Weather Channel today to get any weatheralert, big or small delivered directly to your smartphone ortablet. Brave severe storms or face the winter cold fully prepared-with The Weather Channel it couldn’t be easier! ----- 
Privacy& Feedback • Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: 
 • Our Terms of Usecan be viewed here:
 •If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service,please do not hesitate to get in touch [email protected] 
 Be a force of nature. Update TheWeather Channel app now.
Informasi Cuaca, Iklim, Kualitas Udara, dan Gempabumi yang terjadidi Indonesia. Aplikasi mobile ini resmi dirilis oleh BadanMeteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika (BMKG). Fitur-fitur dalamaplikasi mobile Info BMKG: 1. Prakiraan Cuaca Menyajikan informasiprakiraan cuaca dalam 3 harian di seluruh kabupaten/kota diIndonesia disertai cuaca di lokasi Anda 2. Gempabumi Menyajikaninformasi gempabumi terkini M ≥ 5.0 dan gempabumi dirasakan,disertai jarak lokasi gempa dengan lokasi Anda - Gempabumi M ≥ 5.0,diinformasikan dalam waktu kurang lebih 5 menit-an. - Gempabumidirasakan, informasinya akan lebih lama karena membutuhkan datadalam skala MMI dari laporan masyarakat 3. Peta Iklim Menyajikanbeberapa informasi peta iklim di wilayah Indonesia, diantaranya: -Peta Hari Tanpa Hujan - Peta Prakiraan Hujan Bulanan - PetaAnalisis Hujan Bulanan 4. Kualitas Udara Menyajikan informasikualitas udara Partikulat Matter (PM10) di beberapa kota terutamadi Sumatera dan Kalimantan 5. Cuaca Maritim Menyajikan informasicuaca maritim (ketinggian gelombang laut) di wilayah PerairanIndonesia 6. Cuaca Bandara Menyajikan informasi cuaca aktual dan 4jam ke depan bandara di Indonesia 7. Titik Panas (GeoHotspot)Menyajikan informasi titik panas (hotspot) untuk potensi kebakaranhutan dan lahan 8. Cuaca Jalur Mudik Menyajikan informasi cuacakota-kota yang dilewati jalur mudik disertai trafik lalu lintasjalan raya (hanya ditampilkan ketika momen mudik) 9. Cuaca EventMenyajikan informasi cuaca untuk Event tertentu 10. Peringatan DiniCuaca Menyajikan informasi peringatan dini cuaca di beberapaprovinsi Indonesia 11. Siaran Pers BMKG Menyajikan informasi siaranpers resmi yang dikeluarkan oleh BMKG 12. Notifikasi Memberikannotifikasi untuk gempabumi, peringatan dini cuaca, dan siaran persBMKG * Direkomendasikan untuk pengaturan GPS / Location ke modeHigh Accuracy
防災速報 - 地震、津波、豪雨など、災害情報をいち早くお届け
Jアラート(弾道ミサイル情報など)にも対応! ★利用数1500万人突破★ ☆Google Play無料1位獲得☆地震、台風の雨、警報、避難勧告などを、現在地と設定3地域まとめてニュース速報する無料天気予報アプリ。タイムライン表示が人気のヤフーの防災速報アプリです。 -------------------- 【防災速報はさまざまな災害に対応】■地震情報(緊急地震速報を含む) 緊急地震速報:各地の震度や到達予想時刻を予測し、震度等の予報・警報を伝えます。※震源に近いところでは地震速報が間に合わないことがあります。※緊急地震速報は地震の発生直後に震度計がとらえた観測データを素早く解析して発信するものですが、1地点のみの観測の場合は、誤報や推定震度の精度が低い可能性があるため、防災速報では2地点以上で観測された場合に緊急地震速報を発信しています。これにより精度の高い緊急地震速報をお伝えすることが可能となります。 地震情報:地震の後に、観測結果を速報。地図で地震を確認できます。■豪雨予報(台風による大雨など) 台風や大雨・集中豪雨の備えに。直近1時間以内に、設定した降水量を超える大雨が予報される場合にニュース速報。 天気予報をチェックし忘れても大雨に備えられます。■気象警報 大雨警報、大雪警報、洪水警報など、気象庁発表の気象警報をニュース速報。 台風接近時などに役に立ちます。 ■津波予報全国の津波警報・注意報を速報し、地図で発表地域をニュース速報します。 ■避難情報集中豪雨や台風などによる避難勧告等、天気予報の重大ニュースを速報します。 ■土砂災害情報大雨により土砂災害の危険性が高まったときに、気象庁と都道府県から共同で発表される土砂災害警戒情報を速報します。 ■河川洪水情報河川氾濫の危険が高まったときに発表される指定河川洪水予報を速報します。 ■熱中症情報真夏などの、高温の天気予報時、熱中症の危険が予測される場合に速報します。 ■火山情報気象庁が定める火山で、噴火速報や噴火警報が発表された場合に速報します。 ■国民保護情報(Jアラート:全国瞬時警報システム)弾道ミサイル攻撃、航空攻撃、ゲリラ・特殊部隊による攻撃、大規模テロ情報などが政府から発表された場合、ニュース速報します。 ■防犯情報各都道府県の警察本部が発表する犯罪発生情報や、防犯に関する注意情報などを、関係する地域の方にお知らせします。対応エリアを順次拡大して提供しております。 ■自治体からの緊急情報 自治体が発表する防災情報をお知らせします。対応エリアを順次拡大して提供しております。 ■訓練通知 災害に備えて防災訓練ができます。天気予報を見逃しても、災害時にはプッシュ通知でいち早く情報をキャッチできるのが、防災速報です。 【プッシュ通知ですばやく速報】スマートフォンのプッシュ通知で、すばやく天気予報のニュース速報が得られます。 もちろん緊急地震速報にも対応!【マナーモード時にプッシュ通知の音を鳴らせます】 音の種類、音量、通知を受け取る時間帯などを災害の種類ごと個別に設定できます。マナーモード時の通知音の初期設定は、緊急地震速報は「鳴らす設定」に、豪雨予報や地震情報など、その他の災害は「鳴らさない設定」になっています。設定ページから確認・変更できます。【最大3地域の速報の通知を設定できます】 自宅、実家、勤め先など国内最大3地域の災害速報を受け取れます。・旅行先の緊急地震速報にも対応知らない場所での地震は怖いもの。防災速報アプリがあれば、旅行先でも揺れる数秒前から緊急地震速報をプッシュ通知できます。※緊急地震速報が発表された場合のみ ・台風が近づいてきて、これから自宅に帰ろうか迷うとき自宅付近で、30分後に大雨が降る天気予報が出ていることをいち早く知れるので、すぐに帰宅して雨戸を閉めるなど、集中豪雨の準備ができます。雨雲レーダーで大雨の動きも確認できます。・実家付近に津波警報・注意報が発令されたとき。津波警報・注意報が発表されたことをいち早く知れるので、すぐに実家に連絡をとることで、津波の危険から家族を守ることができます。【無料で信頼できる情報を得られます】 気象庁、環境省などが発表する情報をもとに、ヤフー株式会社が無料でまとめて速報しています。※通知される災害は日本国内の情報のみです。 ※地域の設定で設定できる地域は、日本国内のみです。 【権限について】本アプリケーションで必要となる権限は、それぞれ下記のために利用しています。 「位置情報」現在地の災害情報をプッシュでお知らせする機能「現在地連動通知」に利用しています。 「画像/メディア/ファイル」プッシュ通知時に鳴らす音として、端末内の音源が利用できるようにするために利用しています。 音はアプリ内の設定で変更できます。■本アプリケーションはYahoo! JAPAN利用規約、ガイドラインをご確認のうえ、ご利用ください。 ・Yahoo!JAPAN利用規約 ・プライバシーポリシー・ソフトウエアに関する規則(ガイドライン)
kilit ekranı uygulaması
This clock and weather app with widget is here waiting for you!This widgetis a full featured, completely customizable digitalclock and weather forecast widget. With it, you can get clock andweather information conveniently It provides accurate local weatherinformation like highest/lowest temperature and current weatherconditions. Features of this weather widget ⛅This daily weather appcan display current temperature, daily and hourly forecasts,sunrise and sunset time, humidity, wind speed, air pressure and UVindex ⛅Live weather background wallpaper ⛅Severe Weather Alerts:Informing the real-time weather alerts and weather warnings. Rain,storm thunder and lightning alerts will be received as weathernotifications. ⛅ Precipitation Forecast, tells you when will be anumbrella weather. ☀️ Many beautiful weather skins live widgets tochoose from. ⛅ World Weather App: It’s not only a weather detectorfor your own location, but also a global weather tracker that youcan search world weather and temperature. We support weather andtemperature checking in cities like New York, New Dehli, Chicago,Las Vegas, Hawaii, Sydney, Perth, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Ottawa,Toronto, etc. ☀️ Multiple Language Support: weatherforecast,天气预报,天氣氣象預報, prévisions météorologiques, Wettervorhersage,previsioni del tempo, 天気予報, 일기 예보, previsão do tempo,прогнозпогоды, pronóstico del tiempo, Cuaca,прогноз погоди, พยากรณ์อากาศ,dự báo thời tiết, النشرة الجوية, etc. ⚡ Notice: ⚡ This weatherwidget only support basic weather feature. If you want morefeatures like extended weather forecast, simple moon phasecalendar, moonrise & moonset, AQI etc, please upgrate to ourAmber Weather Elite (our Weather App Pro). We believe our weatherapp pro version will become your weather tracker and personalweather station. Stay in touch If you would like to help with thetranslation and localization, please write to:[email protected]
1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar
1Weather meets all your weather needs in a simple, beautifulpackage. Track and view weather forecasts and current conditionsfor “My Location” to get real-time updates wherever you go, or addany location you choose. Whether you want to check the temperature,precipitation forecast, Doppler radar, or simply keep up with thecurrent phases of the sun and moon, 1Weather has you covered. Plus,it’s outstanding design, makes getting your weather info both easyand fun. Why wait? Make 1Weather your weather today. REVIEWSSPOTLIGHT: "#1 Best Weather App for Android” – Phandroid
 “Top 25apps you should download right now” – CNN Tech
 "The MostAttractive, Feature-Packed Android Weather App We’ve Ever Seen" –Lifehacker
 “The most beautiful weather app we’ve ever seen” –Android Police Features include: Track current conditions andforecasts for your location and up to 12 locations of yourchoosing. Access graphs, precipitation forecast, maps, weatherfacts and videos, and Severe Weather Alerts (U.S. only) from theNational Weather Service (NWS). Easily share weather conditionswith your friends via email and social media. See below for moredetailed info: Current Conditions: Feels like Temperature, WindSpeed, Visibility, Humidity, UV Index, Barometric Pressure, DewPoint, Percentage Chance of Precipitation for the Next Hour (POP)Forecasts: Hourly – 2 day / 48 Hour Detailed – 1.5 days, detailedExtended – 10 days 12 Week – a 1Weather app exclusive, the 12 WeekPRECISONCAST from renowned meteorologist Gary Lezak. A must forplanning weddings, vacations, reunions, parties, and other outdoorevents! Features video and text forecasts. Graphs: 7 hours oftemperature highs and percent chance of precipitation 1 week oftemperatures highs and lows percent chance of precipitationPrecipitation Forecast: 7-day percentage chance Maps: Fullscreenmode with Zoom Terrain, and Satellite map views Weather Layers:Radar, Clouds, Severe Weather Sun & Moon: Track Sunrise andSunset Time Lunar (Moon) Phases Tool Tips - by long pressing iconsreceive tool tips for more info Notifications: Current conditions,rich notification and sever weather alerts with optionalsound/flash Appearance: Live weather background, dynamic photobackgrounds (Dogs, cats, cars, sports and more), or create your owncustom background Languages: Catala, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch,English (US), Espanol, Esperanto, Francais, Hrvatski, Italiano,Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues (Portugal), Romana,Slovencina, Slovenscina, Suomi, Svenska, Turkce, Japanese, Korean,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and more TemperatureUnits: Fahrenheit (*F), Celsius (*C) Wind Units: Miles per hour(mph), Kilometers per hour (km/h), Meters per second (m/s), Knots(kn), Beaufort scale Pressure Units: Inches of Mercury (“),Millibars (mb), Millimeters of Mercury (mm), Atmosphere (atm),Kilopascal (kPa) Distance Units: Miles, Kilometers Don’t wait anylonger. Make 1Weather your weather today.
Amber Weather
Amber Weather is your personal weather station providing currentweather for today and daily & hourly weather forecasts based onyour current location or any location in the world. Amber Weatherdoes not only offer real-time forecasts but also comes withdifferent features for you to customize the weather as you want.The app features the following: -Get current weather and weatherforecasts for any location in the world (The app is translated intoover 30 languages for you to easily use it) -Detailed weatherreport: current temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity,visibility, atmospheric pressure, air quality index (AQI), dewpoint and UV index. -Hourly forecasts, 7 days forecasts and longrange weather forecasts -Climate overview: to check monthly H/Ltemperature in a year -In-advanced severe weather for todayalerts,like heavy raining & Typhoon -Warmly outdoor sports tipsbased on real-time Air Quality -Offer daytime & Moon Phasegraphics, help you know weather better -Send you with brief weathertips in the morning before work, and in the evening before sleep-Save your favorite locations to quickly get forecasts -Currentweather for today notification -Over 90 home screen widgets indifferent sizes and themes (try-before-you-buy-service available)-Refreshing Material Design-based UI -Optimized for tabletsFeedback If you have any advice or suggestions, please send yourfeedback to [email protected] Your feedback will be fullyappreciated. We are looking forward to improving our product withyour help. - Previsioni Meteo
RTI Spa, l’app con previsioni meteo precise e affidabili grazie ainostri algoritmi previsionali innovativi. Scarica gratis l’ e imposta il meteo delle tue località preferite, puoiscegliere tra oltre 20.000 località in Italia e nel mondo. Con lageolocalizzazione attiva le previsioni saranno sempre con teovunque ti trovi! Con una veste grafica immediata epersonalizzabile, l’app fornisce tutti i dettagli sulle previsionidel tempo: temperatura, precipitazioni, vento, umidità, pressione,stato del mare, raggi UV, orari di alba e tramonto e stato dellaluna. Le previsioni della giornata, sono accompagnate da “La frasedel giorno”, tratta dalle opere dei più grandi autori. I nostrimeteorologi con la loro competenza completano le previsioni connews in tempo reale, articoli su bollettino neve, smog e qualitàdell’aria, cambiamenti climatici e curiosità. Puoi consultare confacilità gli approfondimenti e gli ultimi video TgMeteo realizzatidai nostri esperti e condividere sui profili social previsioni econtenuti. Previsioni attendibili necessitano di conferme eaggiornamenti: con l’app puoi controllare costantementeeventuali cambiamenti in corso e ricevere notifiche con allerte eapprofondimenti. Attiva le notifiche push e resta sempre aggiornatosulla situazione meteo delle tue località preferite! Grazie altutorial chiaro ed intuitivo, disponibile nel menu dell’ sei guidato alla scoperta di tutte le funzionalità. Con loscorrimento orizzontale consulti tutte le località che hai scelto,ad esempio: la tua città, il luogo di lavoro, una località di mareo di montagna. Con lo scorrimento verticale vedi le previsionidettagliate delle prossime ore, di oggi e dei prossimi giorni.L’app è precisa, affidabile, completa e gratuita!, the app with accurate and reliable weather forecaststhanks to our innovative forecasting algorithms. Download the freeapp and sets the weather of your favorite locations, youcan choose from over 20,000 locations in Italy and in the world.With the active geolocation forecasts will always be with youwherever you are! With a robe instant graphical and customizable,the app provides all the details about the weather: temperature,precipitation, wind, humidity, pressure, sea state, UV rays ofsunrise and sunset times and was the moon. The day's forecasts areaccompanied by "Quote of the day", taken from the works of thegreatest authors.   Our meteorologists whose skills complementthe predictions with real-time news, articles on Snow, smog and airquality, climate change and curiosity. You can easily browsethrough the insights and the latest videos TgMeteo made by ourexperts and share content on social profiles and forecasts.reliable forecasts require confirmations and updates: withthe app you can constantly check for changes in course and receivenotifications with alerts and insights. Enable push notificationsand stay updated on the weather situation of your favoritelocations!   The clear and intuitive tutorial, available inapp menu're guided to discover all the features. Withhorizontal scrolling consult all the location you have chosen, forexample, your city, your place of work, a seaside or mountain. Withvertical scrolling see detailed forecasts for next hours, today andin the coming days.   The app is accurate, reliable,complete and free! - прогноза за времето, навсякъде и по всяковреме е най-големият сайт за прогноза за времето вбългарското интернет пространство.Сайтът предоставя детайлнадесетдневна прогноза за 80 000 локации в цял свят.На Sinoptik.bgможете да се информирате и за условията за ски в най-големитебългарски зимни курорти, както и да видите картина от камерите напистите.Сега цялата информация от е достъпна за васнавсякъде, където и да сте и по всяко време, чрез мобилното ниприложение за Android.Някои от любимите ни функционалности:- „Усещасе като“ температурна стойност;- Синхрон между фоново изображение исъстояние на времето в момента;- Почасова прогноза за следващите 24ч., с конкретни детайли за всеки час;- Детайлна 10-дневнапрогноза;- Бърз достъп до любими локации;- Ски условия в големитебългарски зимни курорти;- Картина от камери на пистите;- Състояниена пистите и съоръженията;- Карти на пистите;- Widget;Как даизползвате приложението:- Плъзнете екрана нагоре, за да видитедетайли за времето в момента;- Плъзнете екрана наляво, за дапреминете на 24-часова или 10-дневна прогноза;- Добавете любималокация чрез символа + в горния десен ъгъл;- Натиснете името награда за бързо превключване между любими локации;- За детайли законкретен ден или час - натиснете върху конкретния ред;- За дапуснете камера от конкретна местност, натиснете върху реда илималката камера вдясно;- Изкарайте пълното меню от символа в горнияляв ъгъл; - weather, anywhere and anytime.Sinoptik.bglargest website weather forecast for Bulgarian Internet space.Thesite provides a detailed ten-day forecast for 80,000 locationsworldwide.On you can inform and ski conditions in thebiggest Bulgarian ski resorts, and view pictures from cameras onthe slopes.Now all the information from is available toyou wherever you are and at any time through our mobile app forAndroid.Some of our favorite features:- "Feels Like" temperaturevalue;- Synchronization between the background image and weatherconditions at the time;- Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours,with specific details for each hour;- Detailed 10 day forecast;-Quick access to favorite locations;- Ski conditions in majorBulgarian ski resorts;- Picture of cameras on the slopes;- State ofslopes and facilities;- Maps of slopes;- Widget;How to use theapplication:- Slide the screen upwards to view the details of thecurrent weather;- Slide the screen left to go on 24-hour or 10-dayforecast;- Add your favorite location by the + symbol in the upperright corner;- Click on the city name to quickly switch betweenyour favorite locations;- For details on a particular day or hour -click on this line;- To start the camera from a particular place,click on the row or small camera right;- Get the full menu of thesymbol in the upper left corner;
Dež - Slovenian rain radar
Veluscek Ales
Rain application for Slovenian Rain radar of ARSO( in podatki/radar.html)overlayed over Google maps. Need internet access. Here are the appfeatures: -ARSO weather forecast -ARSO current weather data -ARSOBio weather -ARSO Snow report -ARSO Vertical report -ARSO Warnings-ARSO Cameras -Widget for forecast (4x1) -Widget for temperature(2x1) -Widget for sun (sunris and sunset) and moon (moonrise,moonset and phases) (2x1) - Rabim donacije za server.
Weather 14 Days
Trusted by millions of Android users around the world and hailed bymeteorology fans, Weather 14 Days is the official free App (Meteored). Featuring its own forecasts producedusing the best prediction model in the world. You can enjoy amodern and original layout based around Google's Material Design toaccess detailed and highly accurate local weather data quicker andeasier than ever before. With over 15 years of forecastingexperience, we won't let the weather surprise you. ★CUSTOMIZATION★Unlock new Color Themes by completing our in app Achievementsdesigned to help you make the most of the app by discovering allthe available features. Remember, the application automaticallychanges color when the temperature changes! ★WARNINGS ANDNOTIFICATIONS★ Receive official weather alerts for your area fromthe National Weather Service, including warnings about storms,strong winds and other adverse weather events forecast for the nextfew hours. In addition, our optimal app Assistant can notify youabout important weather changes in the coming days. ★WEATHER RADAR, FORECAST MAPS AND SATELLITES★ Now available! A new animated worldforecast map based on the ECMWF showing the weather forecast forthe coming days. Access animated weather radar of the last fewhours provided by the NWS along with visible, infrared and watervapor satellite images provided by NOAA. ★FORECAST★ Check thecurrent conditions along with the forecast for the next 14 dayswith a simple slide of your finger. Select a day to view detailedhourly information including temperature, precipitation, wind speedand direction, wind chill, pressure, cloudiness, humidity, sunsetand sunrise times and even the phase of the moon. Don't forget totry turning your device sideways to see how the weather will evolvethroughout the day with our amazing graphics. ★WIDGETS★ Afterinstalling the App you can customize your desktop with the mostmodern widgets currently available. You will have access to up to 8widgets with different sizes and weather data. ★SHARE★ Shareweather forecasts with your friends and family anytime you wantwith whatever device or social network you like to use such as:WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook. ★AVAILABILITY★ Find the forecastmost relevant to your exact current position or search for yourfavorite locations from over 500,000 all around the world.Available in over 50 countries and 20 languages. To use this appyou must agree to the privacy policy, as well as the terms andconditions of Meteored. Privacy Policy Legal notice
DĖMESIO!!! Dėl skaičiavimo klasteriosutrikimo, programėlė neteiks prognozės iki Spalio 1d.DĖMESIO!!!Daugiau informacijos: skaitmeninė orų prognozė Lietuvoje, tiesiai iš detalūs orai - temperatūra, debesuotumas, krituliai,vėjas - artimiausioms 48 valandoms kas valandą. Daugiau nei 135Lietuvos vietos.Dabartinė prognozė pateikiama iš arčiausios oro matavimoautomatinės stoties su 40 minučių vėlavimu. Visoje Lietuvoje visoveikia 18 stočių.Taip pat yra iOS ir Windows Phone programėlės versijos.P.S. Pateikiami duomenys ateina iš automatinių prietaisų arbageneruojami skaitmeniniu budu. Dėl vietinių sąlygų įtakos modelioprognozėje gali būti netikslumų.ATTENTION! For computingthe cluster disorder, the gadget will not make predictions beforeOctober 1st. ATTENTION!More information: numerical weather forecast for Lithuania, right detailed weather - temperature, cloud cover, precipitation,wind - the closest 48 hours, every hour. More than 135 localLithuanian.The current forecast for the nearest airport from the automaticmeasuring station with a 40 minute delay. Lithuania operates acrossall 18 stations.There is also an iOS and Windows Phone versions of thegadget.P.S. When The data comes from automatic devices or generateddigitally. Due to local conditions affect the model forecast maycontain inaccuracies.
Australia Weather Radar Widget
Show Australian weather radar images in a widget. Radar imagesdirectly from the Bureau of Meteorology are shown in a widget onyour device. Select the radar station and zoom level and you'redone. Support multiple simultaneous widgets.Free, no ads, light onsystem resources, and easy to use. What more could you want?;)NOTE: This is a widget. After install, go into your apps list,select the 'widgets' tab (not 'apps'), and add a widget of type'BOM radar'. After configuration hold on the widget to enter resizemode, the widget can be resized to any dimensions.PERMISSIONS:Network access to load the images. Play store billing for(optional) IAP donate function. Device start notification so it canstart the alarm to update the widget.This is not an official BOMapp - it's a fan-made widget.To come in future versions:- UIoverhaul. I know it's very bare-bones at the moment, but you don'tneed to use it after you setup the widget as the image is the onlyUI you see regularly.
OTempo - Galician weather
Rubén López
Trentino Meteo Widget
This app provides you with the forecasts for Trentino downloadedfrom presented in theform of a widget. Forecasts and images shown in the widget belongto the respective owners and not to the author of this application.Images shown are downloaded from the Meteo Trentino site and theyare not distributed along with the application. Forecasts areautomatically updated or their update can be forced by the userwith the update icon on the widget. By clicking on the forecast'simages or day's names you can quickly open the Meteo Trentino site.DISCLAIMER ABOUT FORECASTS: the synthetic forecasts downloadedby the widget are usually updated late in the morning by MeteoTrentino, so it is common to see not-updated forecasts until10am/11am in the morning. Today forecast downloaded by app providesonly max temperature for the current day.WIDGET UPDATE POLICY: widget updates the weather forecasts in anintelligent way, increasing checks only in the hours in which theforecasts are usually updated, i.e. between 9am and 1pm. During therest of the day the widget looks for updates only if it could notdownload the forecasts before. The widget update procedure does notwake-up the device if it is in stand-by, so power consumption isvery low.Information about REQUIRED PERMISSIONS for theapplication:- android.permission.INTERNET: required to download updates- android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: used to avoid the stand-by duringthe widget update- android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: used to establish thefirst widget update after the phone boot- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: used to check fornetwork availability for updates' download
This app shows real-time meteorologicalsatellite images, from available internet sources, coveringvirtually all regions of the world.By looking at the animated meteo satellite images its easy to checkthe weather predictions very intuitively.This app is complementary to other weather programs that don't havesatellite images.You can Zoom-in, Zoom-out, or move images around the screen just bysliding your fingers.Rotate the device and the image will adapt to the screenautomatically.Share the images with your friends using other apps installed onyour Android device (example: Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Viber,E-mail, etc). Enjoy!Any suggestions you would like to see implemented in this app? Feelfree to e-mail us with your comments. We are continuously trying toimprove it.Try also MeteoSatsPRO:-Ads-free!-Extra satellite pictures!-North Pole and South Pole regions!-Multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian,German...)The images and data provided on by this app are provided as apublic service and are not intended for operational or missioncritical purposes. Every attempt has been made to provide theseproducts in as near to real time as possible. However, there is noexpressed or implied guarantee that the information will be eitheraccurate or timely or fit for any particular purpose.
3B Meteo - Weather Forecasts
3BMeteo, the official Android app from The best andmost accurate weather forecasts! Download the brand new app forFREE, and find out lots of new stuff! Renewed and modern interface,charts that will help you read clearly the forecasts in your city.The brand new photo-reports feature: you can now report the weatherin your city through a photo! And then the unchanged strength of3bmeteo: reliable and accurate weather forecasts, updatedconstantly during the first 24 hours: thanks to the Nowcastingtechnique, using real weather data, satellite images, radar andlightning strikes. This allows a very reliable forecasts even onvery small areas. No automatic forecasts, but maintained by a staffof more than 15 meteorologists who work 365 days a year to give thebest possible service. But it's not over! Live weather news areavailable in Italian language, scientific and environmentalcuriosity, videos made by meteorologists and a large community ofusers! Unmissable automatic GPS tracking feature; you will receiveforecasts automatically in your favourite cities. No need to selectthem every time, your Smartphone will know where you are, butespecially the exact weather in that place! What you get, indetail? The representation of the average day weather, syntheticforecasts for night, morning, afternoon and evening. Forecasts withdetailed timetable, monitoring of seas and winds, atmosphericagents analysis, and every other possibile parameter. All with newgraphic interface, clear symbolism, full in-climate weatherdetails. We also present the opportunity to watch real-time imagesfrom webcams. You can also join the big community, and share withyour photos and videos or just report the weather conditions inyour area. If this is not enough, here is the 3BMeteo widget thatwill make the relationship with the weather information eveneasier, fast and functional. Choose the desired width and height,the widget will resize automatically and fill the space with a lotof information. Reliable predictions require confirmations andexplanations: with this app you can not only constantly check forany major changes in real time, but you can also choose to receiveclimate alerts and insights through push notifications. The weatherjournal is full of necessary information to understand the weather,written in simple language, clear and appealing as the graphicalinterface, very intuitive as well as easy to use. And if Italy istoo small for you, don't fear: 3bmeteo will also provide theforecasts for the entire world! In fact you can get weatherforecasts all over the world, with an automatic control and up to 7days. 3BMeteo is perfectly optimized with the latest Androidoperating system, and features are available both in Italian as inEnglish! WHAT'S NEW -New and improved interface -Photo-report: nowyou can report the weather in your city by taking and sharing aphoto directly from your smartphone, become Weather reporter!-Charts for an easy and fast reading of weather forecasts -Doubleset of weather icons, realistic and the stylized. -Don't you likeadvertising? Now you can remove it from both the app website with a single pass! -New forecast reliabilityinfo: you can plan your trips in peace Terms and conditionsavailable on:
Sat View
The application through which you can easily browse through sets ofsatellite images available on the site & Available Images Sets: Europe, Alps, Belgium,Holland, Luxembourg, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany,Poland, Italy, Scandinavia, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia,Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Balkans, South-East Europe, Hungary,Africa, Algeria, Canary Islands, Central Africa, Tchad, Congo,Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Israel, Lybia, Madagascar, Marocco,Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, WestAfrica, Zambia, South Africa USA, Alaska, Canada, North West, NorthCentral, North East, South West, South Central, South East, Hawaii,Pacific North West (Radar), Pacific South West (Radar), SouthernRockies (Radar), Northern Rockies (Radar), Upper Mississippi Valley(Radar), South Plains (Radar), South Mississippi Valley (Radar),Central Great Lakes district (Radar), North-East USA (Radar),South-East USA (Radar) Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong & Korea,Southest Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore, Philippines,Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam, Papua New Guinea Oceania,Australia, New Zealand
News 9 Weather
WDT, Inc.
News 9 Weather is a FREE application with free weather informationsuch as radar, watch and warning information and forecasts. It alsooffers the ability to purchase push notifications for 130 weatheralert types powered by iMap Weather Radio. The app includes theability to add five locations for tracking hourly, daily &extended weather information, forecasts, and watches and warningsall FREE. Users get a 6th "current" location that updates wheneverthe app is open. News 9 Weather's push alerts are powered by WDT'shighly scalable, fully redundant, alerting and messaging engine.Users may experience all of the same premium alerting featuresfound in iMap Weather Radio. Those features include pushnotifications for more than 130 National Weather Service alerttypes, voice announcements of alerts, spoken alert details, spokenforecasts, alerts based on your current location tracked in thebackground. They are backed by an industry-leading alertinginfrastructure and 24/7 support. **** FREE FEATURES ****• Currentconditions, hourly and daily forecasts, and severe weather alertbadges and text for your current location• Level 3 interactiveradar, animation/loops and visible satellite map• One, two, andthree-day outlooks from NOAA's Storm Prediction Center• Twitter& Facebook feeds, forecasts and news feeds from News 9• Fivestatic locations, plus the current location (6 total)• PushNotifications – Receive push notifications for severe weatherwarning, watches, and advisories issues by the National WeatherService for more than 100 alert types• Map Overlays – Enableadditional display layers on the map, including warnings, watches,hurricane tracks, and more• Voice Audio – Spoken alerts, alertdetails and forecasts*Data and alerting available for the UnitedStates only.*Continued use of GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life*Alerts are for the United Statesonly. However, the application may be available for people inbordering countries who may be impacted by weather in the US.***COMMUNITY***Learn more about iMapWeather Radio and receiveupdate notifications***SUPPORT***Visit our support page for FAQs andquestions. - Sverige bästa väder
Vi älskar väder! Därför har vi byggt Klart - en vädertjänst som ärenkel att förstå och använda. Hos oss får du en bra översikt avvädret för dina favoritplatser och vi har träffsäkra prognoser för200 000 platser, både Sverige och utomlands. VÄDER Se väderprognos14 dagar framåt eller timme för timme. Du kan också jämföra vårprognos med SMHI och Yr och se om de håller med oss... SKIDVÄDERSnödjup, liftar, pistkarta, väder för både topp och dal... ja, alltdu behöver när du åker skidor! POLLENPROGNOS Under pollensäsongenhar vi en pollenprognos, så du kan hålla koll på pollenhalterna därdu är. SÄSONGSVÄDER När vi ska resa vill vi alltid veta hur vädretbrukar vara dit vi ska. Därför har vi byggt säsongsväder där du kanse just det; hur vädret brukar vara, månad för månad hela året. Vihar även reseväder där du kan hitta platser med väder som passardin resa! BADVÄDER Vattentemperatur för badplatser i Sverige. Dukan se rapporter om vattentemperatur från kommunen och andraKlart-användare. Du kan också rapportera in temperaturen själv. Ikommunens rapport finns också vattenkvalitet och algblomning.VÄDERVARNINGAR Få varningar för extremt väder nära dig, nationelltutfärdade av SMHI. Antingen när du tittar i appen, eller så kan dusätta på så du får push-notiser när nya varningar utfärdas. Vi harockså vädret i diagram (vänd på telefonen till liggande läge),väderkartor för Sverige som visar nederbörd, moln och temperatur.TYCK TILL Era åsikter är jätteviktiga! Säg vad du tycker ochföreslå förbättringar i vårt kundforum: I din lur - i ur och skur//Klart-teamet We love the weather! Therefore, we have built Klart- a weather service that is easy to understand and use. With us youget a good overview of the weather for your favorite places and wehave accurate forecasts for 200,000 places, both Sweden and abroad.WEATHER See weather forecast 14 days ahead or hour by hour. You canalso compare our forecast with SMHI and Yr and see if they agreewith us ... Ski Weather Snow depths, lifts, piste map, weather forboth top and valley ... yes, all you need when you go skiing!POLLEN FORECAST During the pollen season we have a pollen forecast,so you can keep track of the pollen levels where you are. SEASONALWEATHER When we are going to travel we always want to know how theweather is usually where we are going. Therefore, we have builtseasonal weather where you can see just that; how the weather isusually, month by month throughout the year. We also have travelguides where you can find places with weather that suits your trip!badväder Water temperature for bathing areas in Sweden. You can seereports of water temperature from the municipality and other Readyusers. You can also report the temperature yourself. Themunicipality's report also contains water quality and algal bloom.WEATHER ALERTS Get warnings for extreme weather near you,nationally issued by SMHI. Either when you look in the app or youcan turn on so you get push notifications when new alerts areissued. We also have the weather in charts (turn the phone tolandscape mode), weather maps for Sweden that show precipitation,clouds and temperature. LEAVE A COMMENT Your opinions are veryimportant! Say what you think and suggest improvements in ourcustomer forum: In your nap - inwatch and shed // Clear team
NB! Radari vaatamine kulutab palju andmesidet!Vihmaradar -* Komposiit pilt (Harku ja Sürgavere kokkuliidetud)* Sürgavere PseudoCAPPI* Harku PseudoCAPPI* Zuumitav Soome radar, näitab ka Eestit, ning 3h vihmaennustust* ÄikesekaartÄikeseinfo pärineb lehelt._________________________________________________________Rakendus on arendatud isiklikuks otstarbeks ja on kõigiletasuta.Rakendus on loodud põhimõttel "As is" ( )NB! Watch the radarspends a lot of data!Rain Radar -* Composite image (Harku and Sürgavere joined together)* Sürgavere PseudoCAPPI* Harku PseudoCAPPI* Zuumitav radar Finland, Estonia also indicates, 3H, and the rainforecast* Chance MapChance of information comes from http://blitzortung.orgpage._________________________________________________________The application is developed for personal use and is free ofcharge.The application is designed on the principle of "as is"(
『名古屋』専用天気予報アプリ 名古屋の最新の天気予報(気象庁発表)を素早くチェック。 シンプルな機能とキレイなデザイン、高速表示!「気象予報士」が、自分の"欲しい"を実現しました。 ■表示される情報 ・きょう あすの天気予報(毎日5時 11時17時に気象庁が発表) ・週間天気予報(毎日5時 11時 17時に気象庁が発表) ・雨雲レーダー(5分~10分ごとに更新)・月齢、潮回り ・気温の平年値 ・電力使用率(1時間ごとに各電力会社が発表) ・天気ウィジェット ■使用方法画面を表示させると、最新の情報が表示されます。 また、画面右上部のボタンで、手動で最新の情報に更新することが出来ます。■ウィジェットの設置方法 各端末ごとに操作方法が異なるため、端末の説明書などを参考にご利用下さい。 ■対応端末Androidバージョン2.1以上の端末でご利用いただけます。 "Nagoya" dedicated weather appsQuickly check the weather forecast the latest Nagoya (JapanMeteorological Agency announced). Design clean and simplefunctionality, fast display! "Weather forecaster" was therealization of their own and a "want". ■ Information to bedisplayed · (Japan Meteorological Agency announced at 11:17 pmevery day 5) Weather forecast for tomorrow today · (JapanMeteorological Agency announced at 11:17 pm every day 5) weeksweather forecast - (Updated 5 minutes to every 10 minutes) raincloud radar · Age, tide · Normal value of temperature · (Eachelectric power company announced every hour) power usage · Weatherwidget ■ How to use When you display a screen, the latestinformation is displayed. Also, the buttons on the upper right ofthe screen, you can update to the latest information manually. ■Installation of the widget Since the operation method is differentfor each terminal, please use the reference and instructions of theterminal. ■ compatible terminal Available at the terminal of theAndroid version 2.1 or higher.
Weather & Clock Widget for Android Ad Free
Stay updated with the latest weather observations and the mostaccurate future weather forecast. Personalize your phone/tabletwith the most elegant and customizable widgets, showing currentweather, hourly/daily forecast, moon phase, time and date, yourcalendar events, next alarm, battery level. Features: - Automaticlocation detection - Locate by network and GPS (Global PositioningSystem). - Manually search for location by name or zip code. -Weather notification alerts. - Multiple weather providers. -Current weather condition. - Hourly weather forecast. - 10-dayweather forecast. - Temperature. - Celsius and Fahrenheittemperature unit. - Relative humidity percentage. - Atmosphericpressure. - Visibility distance. - Precipitation. - UV-Index. - Dewpoint. - Wind speed and direction with different units. - Sunriseand Sunset times. - Display temperature in status bar (Notificationbar). - Share weather and location information with friends. -Elegant home screen widgets. - Customize font for clock and date. -Moon phase. - Update on WiFi only and stop while roaming. -Automatic update intervals: 15, 30 min, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 hours orManual update. - Follow weather and forecast for multiplelocations. - Weather map. - Android Wear support. - Themes. - Chartgraphs. - Localized to many world languages. FAQ page: For more information: Like us on Facebook:
My Weather Indicator
My Weather Indicator, provides detailed weather information for theplace where you are, such the current temperature, the pressure,the humidity, and much more. Besides you can get information aboutforecast for next hours and next days. My Weahter Indicator is opensource and totally free, without ads.My Weahter Indicator comeswith two simple widget sizes 4x1 ad 4x4 for normalscreen.Features:* Current weather condition.* Forecast for nexthorus.* Forecast for next days.* Sunrise and Sunset time.* MoonPhase for current day.* Moon Phase for current month and next.*Weather status in notification area.* Home screen widgets 4x1 and4x4.* Ability to set your preferred temperature unit.* Ability toset your preferred pressure unit.* Ability to set your preferredspeed unit.* Ability to set the update interval.* Weather map forcurrent location.* Localized to English, Español.
Storm Team 12
The KWCH Weather App gives you the latest weather for our viewingregion. The KWCH Mobile Weather App includes: * Access to stationcontent specifically for our mobile users * 250 meter radar, thehighest resolution available * Future radar to see where severeweather is headed * High resolution satellite cloud imagery *Current weather updated multiple times per hour * Daily and Hourlyforecasts updated hourly from our computer models * Ability to addand save your favorite locations * A fully integrated GPS forcurrent location awareness * Severe weather alerts from theNational Weather Service * Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe insevere weather
Weather Live
Apalon Apps
Meet Weather Live. The most beautiful weatherapp. Ever.Don't let bad weather take you by surprise! Set the gorgeousanimated wallpapers with live weather conditions on your homescreen and be aware of any weather that is coming your way. Whetherit is cloudy, rainy, snowy or even stormy outside, Weather Livewill provide you with current weather conditions and forecast inyour city and multiple locations all around the world.Cold or warm weather, it will magically come alive on the crispscreen of your device. You won’t even have to look out the windowas Weather Live will make you feel like you are already outside!With an innovative technology Weather Live™ implemented into theapp, we made it possible!• Weather forecasts for multiple locations all around theworld• Live weather scenes reflecting real-time weather conditions• Beautiful weather widgets• Fabulous animated wallpaper with live weather conditions right onyour home screen• Cloud, satellite, rain maps• Animated weather radar for any location in the USA• Bad weather warnings and alerts to warn you about severe weatherin your area. Data provided by National Weather Service• Customizable layout. Choose weather parameters you want to bedisplayed in the layout settings• Local time in 12 or 24-hour format• 7-day and 24-hour weather forecast• "Feels Like" temperature. Today’s Min and Max• Wind direction and speed. Visibility details• Humidity and precipitation information. Pressure in inches, mm ormbar• Fahrenheit or Celsius and Miles or Kilometers• Easy navigation between cities: swipe either to the left or tothe right to switch between locations• New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any other location worldwide –get accurate weather forecasts wherever you are!Compatible with Android Wear: tested on Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch3, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch.Get Weather Live and be prepared for any weather!AdChoices:
ilMeteo Weather 2011
ILMETEO srl WEATHER for Android 1.5 - Legacy VersionWeatherforecast for all the world, satellite, wind & sea, surf,webcams, real time weather, video forecast, widget, geolocation